about us

PT. Hassani Can Packaging is a manufacturing company located in the heart of industry in Batam, Indonesia. Here, PT. Hassani Can Packaging is the sole manufacturer for food packaging, including components for can food packaging, paint can, cleat of handle for paint can, Tuna Can, and Condensed dairy milk packaging. The company currently has 45 employees in total, with 43 local laborers and 2 expatriates from Taiwan working as technicians. Established in 2015, PT. Hassani Can Packaging has been in the business of supplying parts for Metal / Tin / Can Packaging worldwide. To develop the company's business, PT. Hassani Can Packaging focuses its main market in many regions, such as SEA, UAE, USA. With 5 years experience in component supply over markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Dubai, and the United States.