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Established in 2015. We are based in the heart of industry area in Indonesia, Batam. Here, we are the sole manufacturer for food packaging.

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Food Packaging

Food Packaging components are manufactured using the latest technology that balances cost, safety, convenience, and drop test requirements. PT. Hassani Can Packaging provides closures for food packaging such as Penny Level, Double Safety Easy Open End, Condensed Milk, and Screw Cap. Our products are made from Tinplate and Aluminum, which are produced in our factory. The components are widely used in food, industrial oil, agricultural production, and other necessary packaging fields, such as packaging for Coffee Powder, Powdered Milk, Condiments, Industrial Oil, Tennis Balls, other grains, and packaging. Our main markets are in SEA and UAE.


Paint Packaging

Paint Packaging components have the best products and services at competitive prices. PT. Hassani Can Packaging provides for paint can packaging starting from the Closures, Wire Handle, and Cleat of Handle. These components are made of metal and manufactured using the latest high-precision machines making them suitable for assembly in all types of metal packaging

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